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Membership Application/Renewal Form

In order to become a member, or renew your existing membership, please fill out the form below (the form's the same for renewals/new memberships). If you cannot see the form, please try another browser, if that fails, please contact us via 

If you follow the instructions below you can pay by credit card without creating or having a PayPal account.

1 . Select the PayPal checkout option

2. Select the create account option

3.  fill in the first part of the form pay with a card but leave the lower create an account section blank

4.  Untick the receive offers and create account boxes 

The payment will go through on your card without creating a PayPal account

If you are new member joining after the 1 August, your membership will run until renewal the following year on1 November

Please note - We are keen to support all members, and want everyone to enjoy days out and above all, be safe. For Climbing, members should have experience of climbing, be confident to put on a harness, tie in to a rope (typically using a rethreaded figure-of-eight) and belay a lead climber. We will gladly gladly provide names of qualified people who can assist you gain experience. 

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